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With our products and system solutions for smart buildings, we are already present in more than 15 countries worldwide.

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System solution for occupancy detection, air quality measurement, people counting and more.

From sensor to cloud connection everything from a single source.

We supply all devices from a single source, depending on customer requirements. From the sensor and antenna infrastructure based on our EnoDisc® to the VL-700 BASE edge controller for connecting to the cloud. We can pre-configure all products as an option. This includes the device identification of the sensors as well as the complete configuration of the transmission parameters and the cloud connection in the VL-700 BASE. In the end, your system will only leave our premises once the data has arrived in your cloud.

The technology in detail

Sensors for workplaces

Sensors that detect and regularly report the presence of a person at the workplace are frequently used.

Determine the utilization of your workstations with wireless and energy-autonomous sensors.

Vibration sensor
The sensor is attached to a corner of the table using the already prepared double-sided sticker (optional).
Solar cell
If sufficient light is available, the sensor is powered by the solar cell. If something is lying on the sensor or the room is too dark, the internal battery (optional) takes over the power supply.
The sensor transmits the detected status (occupied / free) wirelessly via EnOcean every 4 minutes (configurable).
The sensor is currently available in 3 housing colors.

Room occupancy

The sensor works like a classic motion detector based on a passive infrared sensor. It reports that at least one person is in the room as soon as they move sufficiently.

Room occupied or free? PIR motion detector for ceiling or wall mounting.

Motion detector (passive infrared / PIR)
Without camera, classic motion detector with PIR technology.
Solar cell
If sufficient light is available, the sensor is powered by the solar cell. If something is lying on the sensor or the room is too dark, the internal battery (optional) takes over the power supply.
The sensor transmits a wireless signal via EnOcean as soon as movement is detected.
The sensor can be attached to the ceiling or wall using double-sided adhesive tape, screws or magnets (optional, not included in the standard scope of delivery).

CO2 measurement

State-of-the-art technology for measuring the CO2 concentration in the room air in particular.

CO2 concentration in the air too high? Energy self-sufficient sensor for CO2, temperature and relative humidity Humidity.

CO2 sensor
State-of-the-art technology for measuring CO2 concentration, room temperature and relative humidity.
Solar cell
The large matt solar cell on the front of the sensor supplies it with sufficient energy. If the room is too dark or has no windows, the two internal AA batteries (optional) take over the power supply.
The sensor transmits the measured values and the status of its power supply wirelessly via EnOcean. The update takes place until typ. every 5 minutes.
Simple assembly
The sensor can be easily attached to the wall (horizontally or vertically) using the bracket supplied. It is therefore also easy to remove if the sensor needs to be recalibrated.
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Measurement & local display

Measure CO2 and compare with RGB LEDs display on site.

The EnoPuck CO2 continuously measures the CO2 content of the ambient air. The LEDs light up in different colors depending on the current value.

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CO2 measurement
Configurable transmission interval, also suitable for control systems.
Mounting options
As a table-top device or for wall mounting (optional accessory)
Remote controllable
The LEDs can be controlled remotely from a higher-level control system. This allows you to decide whether and when the LEDs should light up and in what color and intensity.
Energy saving included.
Thanks to the integrated motion detector (PIR), the LEDs only light up when someone is in the room or near the device.
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People counting - GDPR-compliant without a camera

The EnoSense® People Counter

Based on PIR technology, the wireless sensor counts people entering or leaving an area.

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Quick assembly
Simply position and stick on – done!
Ready for immediate use
The sensor is ready for immediate use. You don’t have to configure complex areas first.
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Complete system configuration ex works (optional)

See all available features
Device labeling
Based on your planning, all delivered devices are labeled.
All sensors are set to the desired transmission parameters in consultation with you.
Cloud connection
We configure the VL-700 BASE according to your specifications (EnOcean sensors, MQTT broker, IP configuration, etc.).
Fastening material
The sensor housings are prepared at the factory with qualified 3M adhesive strips for easy installation.
Multiple trays
The sensors are supplied in multiple packaging, which optimizes installation in terms of time and handling.
System ready
All components are configured as a system at the factory and leave our factory fully tested.