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EnoPuck® CO2 WALL

EnoPuck CO2 WALL: The CO2 traffic light “EnoPuck CO2” has been supplemented with a mounting ring for the wall and the appropriate holders on the device, especially for pre-wall installation. In addition, instead of the socket on the side, the voltage is supplied via a twin wire which is routed out of the back of the device. This allows the EnoPuck CO2 WALL to be mounted on a flush-mounted box and the associated power supply unit to be placed in it (not included). The device is supplied with the appropriate flush-mounted power supply unit. Unlike many other solutions, the bright RGB LEDs make the light signal clearly visible at all times, even from a greater distance. The CO2 measured value is measured and displayed in the individual solution in the form of a traffic light (green/yellow/red), whereby the limit values can be configured using the BL-PC-FLEX-2 software. The integrated motion detector also enables the LEDs to be switched off when no one is in the room.

Universally applicable

The measured values at a glance

The EnoPuck® CO2 WALL delivers the following measured values via EnOcean telegram at configurable intervals:

Measuring range: 0 – 2,550 ppm (others on request) Accuracy: +/- 30 ppm +/- 3% of the measured value Repeatability: 10 ppm Temperature stability: 2.5 ppm / °C (0 .. 50°C)
Measuring range: 0°C .. 50° C Accuracy: +/- 0.5 °C Repeatability: 0.1 °C Note: Due to self-heating, it takes some time for the measured value to settle.
Air humidity
Air humidity
Measuring range: 0 .. 95 % rel. hum. Accuracy: +/- 2 % Repeatability: 0.1 % rel. Hum.
PIR motion detector Range approx. 2.5 m Opening angle approx. 120°
Ready for immediate use

The measured values

The EnoPuck CO2 WALL delivers measured values for CO2, humidity, temperature and the status of the motion detector (0/1) every 60 seconds ex works.
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With the factory default setting, the EnoPuck CO2 WALL continuously supplies new measured values via EnOcean every 60 seconds.

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The EnoPuck CO2 WALL sends the data ex works under two different device profiles. You can also switch them on/off separately and change the transmission intervals manually if required.

A5-09-04 Gas sensor CO2
A5-07-01 Motion detector with supply voltage monitoring
Maintenance and care

Calibration of the sensor

A CO2 sensor with the sensor type / measuring principle we use is precise, but also relatively sensitive to shocks and vibrations. If the measured value is no longer apparently correct, you can simply recalibrate the sensor at any time. To do this, press the service button on the device, e.g. with a paper clip, for >10 s until the EnoPuck CO2 flashes blue. Note: The video shows the EnoPuck CO2. However, the calibration process is identical. Calibration takes place after 10 minutes. The sensor now lights up green continuously. Now switch the power supply on/off once and the EnoPuck CO2 will work again. Note: The video shows the EnoPuck CO2. The calibration process is identical to the EnoPuck CO2 WALL.

Schnittstelle Funk / Wireless interface


EU: 868,3 MHz

FCC: 902 MHz

ARIB: 928 MHz

NCC / KC: 921 MHz

Weitere Schnittstellen / Other interfaces

RGB-LEDs, einzeln dimmbar / individually dimmable

Servicetaster / Service button

Sensorik / Sensors


Bewegungsmelder / Motion detector (PIR)

Rel. Luftfeuchtigkeit / Rel. humidity

Temperatur / Temperature

Vibration / Vibration

Spannungsversorgung / Power supply

Externes Steckernetzteil 12 V DC / 230 V AC (im Lieferumfang)

External power supply 12 V DC / 230 V AC (included)

Umgebungsbedingungen / Environmental conditions

Betriebstemperatur / Operating temp.: 0 °C .. +50 °C

Lagertemperatur / Storage temp.: -20 °C .. +70 °C

Luftfeuchtigkeit / Humidity: 0 .. 99 %
(nicht kondensierend / non condensing)

Schutzklasse / Protection class: IP20

Abmessungen und Gewicht / Dimensions and weight

Durchmesser / Diameter: 100 mm

Höhe / Height: 28 mm

Gewicht / Weight: 100 g

Zubehör / Accesories

incl. Wandhalter für Wandmontage,

incl. wall-mount bracket

The following devices / options are currently available from us:


Order number


Article name




AL-602-02-868 EnoPuck® CO2 WALL / CE (868,3 MHz)



AL-602-02-902 EnoPuck® CO2 WALL / FCC (902 MHz)



AL-602-04-921 EnoPuck® CO2 WALL / NCC / TAIWAN (921 MHz)



AL-602-04-921 EnoPuck® CO2 WALL / KC / KOREA (921 MHz)