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This new and innovative product AL-511-00 IP-DALI-BRIDGE enables simple connection of a control unit with Ethernet interface to DALI ballasts or LED drivers. Communication takes place via MODBUS TCP. It has the following key properties: Supply voltage: 24 V DC (+/- 10%) 1x DALI (2 terminals each in spring-clamp technology), without DALI power supply unit USB 2.0 configuration interface 1x Ethernet (10/100 MBit) 1x relay (1x NO contact 5 A, 250 V AC / 30 V DC) 1x analog input, 0-30 V DC In combination with the STYLE or SMART series control units or the VL-700 BASE, you can create a DALI control system of almost any size. Please note that you need one DALI power supply unit per segment (max. 64 DALI ECGs).

Schnittstelle Funk / Wireless interface


Schnittstelle DALI / DALI Interface

DALI Master ohne integriertes DALI Netzteil, Galvanisch getrennt

DALI master without DALI power supply, galvanivally isolated

Schnittstelle Ethernet / Ethernet interface

1x Ethernet 10/100, RJ45

Relaisausgang / Relais output

1x Schließer / Closing contact, n.o., 30 V DC / 250 V AC, 5A

Analoger Eingang / Analog input

1x 0 .. 30 V DC

IP-Adresse / IP address

Über DHCP (default), feste IP über Webserver einstellbar

DHCP (default), fixed IP address setup via Webserver

Spannungsversorgung / Power supply

24 V DC (+/- 10%)

Umgebungsbedingungen / Environmental conditions

Betriebstemperatur / Operating temp.: 0°C .. +40 °C

Lagertemperatur / Storage temp.:  -20 °C .. +70 °C

Luftfeuchtigkeit / Rel. humidity: 10 .. 95 %
(nicht kondensierend / non condensing)

Schutzklasse / Protection class: IP20

Abmessungen und Gewicht / Dimensions and weight

94 x 36 x 60 mm (2 TE)

Gewicht / Weigth: 72 g

Anschlusstechnik / Connection technology

Federzugklemmen / Spring contacts

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