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BL-204-10-868 EVG FLEX

This small control unit can control up to 15 DALI ballasts and simultaneously supply them with the required DALI bus voltage. However, the functionality of the FLEX version is freely selectable and can be easily configured wirelessly using the BL-PC-FLEX-2 PC software. In this way, individual lights or groups can be controlled, scenes called up, light dimmed depending on daylight sensors, and much more.

Schnittstelle Funk / Wireless interface


Schnittstelle DALI / DALI Interface

DALI Master ohne integriertes DALI Netzteil, Galvanisch getrennt

DALI master without DALI power supply, galvanivally isolated

Schnittstelle Ethernet / Ethernet interface

1x Ethernet 10/100, RJ45

Relaisausgang / Relais output

1x Schließer / Closing contact, n.o., 30 V DC / 250 V AC, 5A

Analoger Eingang / Analog input

1x 0 .. 30 V DC

IP-Adresse / IP address

Über DHCP (default), feste IP über Webserver einstellbar

DHCP (default), fixed IP address setup via Webserver

Spannungsversorgung / Power supply

24 V DC (+/- 10%)

Umgebungsbedingungen / Environmental conditions

Betriebstemperatur / Operating temp.: 0°C .. +40 °C

Lagertemperatur / Storage temp.:  -20 °C .. +70 °C

Luftfeuchtigkeit / Rel. humidity: 10 .. 95 %
(nicht kondensierend / non condensing)

Schutzklasse / Protection class: IP20

Abmessungen und Gewicht / Dimensions and weight

94 x 36 x 60 mm (2 TE)

Gewicht / Weigth: 72 g

Anschlusstechnik / Connection technology

Federzugklemmen / Spring contacts

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BL-204-10-868 EVG FLEX / EnOcean DALI Controller