KNX EnOcean Hohenstadt DEUTA Controls

Church Mariä Opferung, Hohenstadt Abtsgmünd, 2019

Key data of the project:

1. Use of the existing KNX control panel and its buttons for:

  • Dimming each individual lamp
  • Switch each individual light
  • Save scenes
  • Calling up scenes
  • Feedback to the indicator lights of each button when a DALI light is switched on within a scene

2. Wireless control of the track spotlights and special lights via radio (EnOcean) since only 3-wire connected

3. 1x VL-710 STYLE with 1x VL-STLYE-KNX-TP for receiving the KNX group addresses

4. Sending the switching and dimming commands via EnOcean USB stick with active USB extension into the church interior

5. 6x BL-201-10-868 ERCO FLEX EnOcean DALI controllers in the light rails

6. Light switch for manual switching in the entrance area of the nave

7. Wireless setup of the light scenes from the sanctuary