Reference project future market

december 2014, LUNAR GmbH / EDEKA

Project basic data:

1. Reference solution together with LUNAR GmbH, 100% IT-daughter of the EDEKA headquarter, Hamburg

2. Purpose: Cost-effective controller solution for retail stores in order save energy with dimming and switching and to create selective light scenarios

3. Random placement and integration of motion detectors for controlling

4. Application of automatic function or manuel control, Drittelschaltung, cleaning light, night light

5. Changing of the whole complex / configuration of brightness value, etc. must be possible by the owner very easy, without accessing the electrical construction


Market, exemplary floor plan, ca. 20x10 meters


Market, positioning rail spotlights DALI


Market with all components



• Only 1 DALI line, continuous light rail EUTRAC with 31 spotlights

• Accordingly application of 1 piece BL-201-15-868 AP FLEX DALI-PS #11303 light control system (plug-in solution with internal DALI power supply unit, max. 64 slaves)

• Controller positioned in the suspended ceiling

1 piece motion detector EnOcean # 11191

1 piece light switch EnOcean with double rocker # 11051  for ON / Off / Automatic / Night light

• 1 piece radio mini hand-held transmitter aluminium/anthr., EnOcean , 8 key-buttons # 11274 for presentations

Published by courtesy of  LUNAR GmbH, 23.01.2015