Light rail solutions

Our lighting controls are also available as snap-in modules for DALI light rail systems. The types for the ERCO and EUTRAC systems are currently available.

The modules supply 230 V AC from the light rail and couple the DALI signals into the DALI light rail via the contacts of the module. In this way, they communicate with the DALI spotlights or DALI spots.

There is no easier way to automate light! In addition, it is a unique solution if you only have a 3-core cable available.

Our modules are used in many areas, such as Museums (here the Swiss State Museum in Zurich), churches or other listed buildings.

But the modules also offer the simplest type of control in shops, e.g. Illumination dependent on daylight.

Schweizerisches Landesmuseum Zürich,
neue Ausstellung mit
BL-201-12-868 ERCO FLEX und
BL-212-00-868 UP MOTION


We have put together an example of the switch series available on the market on our service page. This list is not complete, but is only intended to give you a first overview.

Use all the functions of our FLEX option with these modules. Use e.g. Motion detectors in exhibition rooms to illuminate your exhibits in museums only when there is public traffic. Or dynamically adjust the illuminance depending on the incidence of daylight.

Many projects show that there is simply no easier way to implement lighting control than with this module as a real problem solver!