Energy saving solutions

With our freely configurable FLEX type lighting controls, you can use an easy-to-learn PC tool to illuminate one or more rooms depending on e.g. Control movement and incidence of daylight. The FLEX EnOcean DALI controllers enable extensive functions with wireless light switches, daylight sensors and motion detectors.

Advantages of the FLEX components:

  • Easy commissioning thanks to the intuitive PC tool BL-PC-FLEX-2 (previously BL-PC-FLEX)
  • Wireless communication with the PC, no annoying cables during commissioning
  • All functions can be configured with just a few mouse clicks, no programming
  • Open standard DALI for free choice of ballasts
  • Simply integrate 0-10V ballasts via converter

The functions of an EnOcean DALI controller of the type FLEX are configured wirelessly using the PC configuration tool BL-PC-FLEX-2 developed by us. All products support the same functions, even if the design differs:

  • ON / OFF / DIM
  • ON / OFF
  • ON
  • OFF
  • Level
  • DT8 color temperature
  • DT8 warmer / colder
  • Level override
  • DT8 color temperature override
  • Save scene
  • Go to scene 0..15
  • Start / stop timer 0..1
  • Start / stop motion detectors
  • Start / stop brightness sensor

For each DALI ballast, you can easily configure with the BL-PC-FLEX-2 software how the brightness of each individual luminaire (dimlevel 0..100%) should behave depending on the measured value of the daylight sensor (0..100%). The graphic below shows a screenshot of the software (dialog for creating a daylight tracking). The brightness value of the luminaire (DIM level) is plotted vertically, the measured daylight value of the sensor (0..100%) is plotted horizontally. You can now change the behavior of each individual luminaire or DALI address by changing the straight line in slope and offset. In the example, the dim level of the luminaire would be 100% at 0% brightness and 0% at 100% brightness.

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Depending on the object, you can also use more than one daylight sensor. The types we have qualified only react to daylight or its IR component. The spectrum of LED lighting is not measured. You can therefore place the sensor anywhere in the room.

Depending on the project and application, you can get the EnOcean DALI controllers from us in special designs, such as for the ERCO DALI light rail, or also pre-assembled as a plug-and-play solution, such as the BL-201-17-868 AP FLEX DALI-PS (bottom right picture).