Single room solutions

With our simplest lighting controls, you can control the lighting of a single room without a PC tool.

The EnOcean DALI controllers of the BROADCAST type enable the function ON / OFF / DIMMING of all luminaires via a wireless light switch with a rocker. No addressing of the DALI ballasts is required.

An EnOcean light switch does not require batteries or connecting cables, and can either be screwed onto an existing flush-mounted box or even simply glued to many substrates with the enclosed adhesive pad.

Advantages of our system:

  • Easy commissioning
  • EnOcean light switch without battery and cable
  • Switches available from all well-known manufacturers
  • You don’t need a smartphone to switch your light
  • Open standard DALI for free choice of ballasts
  • Simply integrate 0-10V ballasts via converter

DALI LED-Treiber, 60W
Hersteller: MEANWELL

You can teach up to 10 light switches in parallel on an EnOcean DALI controller of the type BL-201-00-868 UP BROADCAST. All that is required is a short press on the service button on the device.

We have put together an example of the switch series available on the market on our service page. This list is not complete, but is only intended to give you a first overview.

You can connect up to 17 DALI ballasts or DALI LED drivers to the standardized DALI interface of the device. If you need more, you can use an additional DALI power supply. Then up to 64 DALI ballasts can be used.

On the right or below you will see the BL-202-00-868 EVG BROADCAST.

With the same function, it has a different design, e.g. is ideally suited for integration into continuous lines.