BL-201-05-868 ERCO 3xGRP 1xSCENE EnOcean DALI Controller DEUTA Controls

Via contact in the light rail: – Power supply 230V AC – DALI


At the bottom side: service key-button


Service LED

BL-201-05-868 EnOcean-DALI-Controller

3x groups 1x scene

The approved BL-201 EnOcean-DALI-Gateways series combines the wireless EnOcean technology with DALI for lighting technology, in a smart and easy way.

Our product line is now extended with this light control system with the following destincitive features:

  • Easy and fast to install into a DALI light track
  • 230 V AC Power supply out of the light rails
  • 1x DALI master
  • Integrated DALI power supply unit for up to 17 DALI slaves (Iout max. = 34 mA)
  • 1x EnOcean master, bidirectional (TCM310)
  • Internal antenna
  • Fixed function: double rocker  for controlling of 3 groups und 1 preset

Switch and dim of three DALI groups plus saving and selection of a scene. For any detail, please check the datasheet in the download section.

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