11042 BL-201-00-868 UP BROADCCAST 600x600 DEUTA Controls EnOcean-DALI-Controller

BL-201-00-868 UP BROADCAST, EnOcean-DALI-Controller

All ballasts / LED drivers ON/OFF/DIM by DALI broadcast commands

The well-known BL-201 EnOcean-DALI-Controller series for in-wall mounting or luminaire integration provides the combination of wireless EnOcean technology with DALI for lighting technology in a smart and easy way.

This product provides with the following main features:

  • 230 V AC Power supply
  • 1x DALI Master
  • Integrated DALI power supply  for up to 17 DALI slaves (Iout max. = 34 mA)
  • 1x EnOcean
  • Internal antenna
  • Designed for in-wall mounting in a flush-mounting box
  • Light controller with fixed function: DALI BROADCAST on single rocker, all ON/OFF/DIM