Reference projekt storage building logistics, Berlin, November 2014

Project basic data:

1. Light automation in a storage building, area approx. 1650 qm

2. Customer requires light controlling for energy saving by dimming and switching

3. The storage building is used in a different way by some weeks, so that the amount of the corridors varies. (from 5-8) So the motion detectors must be placeable randomly, one of it always has to be usable per corridor.

4. Automatic function or manuel control must be possible alternatively

5. Changing of the whole complex / configuration of brightness value, etc. must be possible very easy, without accessing the electrical construction

Storeroom floor plan, approx. ca. 54 x 30 meter


Storeroom, positioning ceiling spotlights DALI


Storeroom with all used components


Solution statement

Because of the conversion of the storeroom, it is obvious to use radio motion detectors which can be positioned differently without a new installation.

These motion detectors should be connected with the controllers wireless. In this case we chose EnOcean radio standard, because the sensors only need one battery and with the integrated solar cell they are up to 6 years maintenance free. They should be operated with mounted light switches, just as by remote control all over the whole storeroom.

So a radio transmitter with EnOcean technology is used as well. These switches operate completely without batteries and are randomly placeable.

Our solution of the light planning, are 19 spotlights with 3LED elements/DALI-EVG each. This makes 57 DALI slaves altogehter. One DALI controller with a DALI power supply for up to 64 slaves would be enough theoretically.

For a good radio coverage in the storeroom, there are 4 receivers necessary when mounted under the ceiling.


• Splitting the storeroom into 4 DALI Lines, allocation accordingly to the on-site cable lines

• Correspondingly use of 4 pieces BL-201-15-868 AP FLEX DALI-PS #11303 light control systems (plug-in solution with internal DALI power supply unit, max. 64 slaves)

• Positioning of the controllers directly at the same level of the spotlights, evenly spread amont the storeroom area, for a good radio coverage

• Altogether 7 pieces motion detector EnOcean # 11191. By the current storeroom use, 5 motion detectors for the 5 corridors, additional 2 for the 2 main routes

2 piece lightswitch EnOcean with double rocker # 11051  für On / OFF / Automatic/ Night light

1 piece radio mini hand-held transmitter aluminium/anthr., EnOcean , 8 key-buttons # 11274 for security firm