Reference project Junker Filter GmbH, Sinsheim, July 2018

Key data of the project:

1. Fully automatically controlled hall lighting in a total of 15 sections

2. Connection of all lights without changing the stock with 3×1.5qmm, no bus cable

3. 235 STAR Disc luminaires from EiKO Europe, each with an integrated EnOcean DALI controller (FLEX)

4. Central control via VL-710 STYLE

5. Radio coverage in all hall areas by using 4 decentralized EnOcean transceivers on 4 VL-BASE

6. 15 daylight sensors, 21 motion detectors, 5 manual EnOcean light switches

7. Follow-up time of the motion detectors, trigger thresholds and detectors active / passive can be adjusted at any time by personnel on the operator panel (no manufacturer service required)

8. Adaptation of daylight tracking for each of the 15 areas possible at any time on the VL-710 STYLE (active / passive / maximum value / minimum value)

9. Operation by personnel additionally via WLAN and smartphone / tablet

10. Time-controlled fully automatic with configurable break times and separately adjustable dim level.

11. Remote service of the entire system via VPN router