BL-PC-FLEX EnOcean DALI Controller DEUTA Controls


wireless configuration of light control systems

All of our light control systems “FLEX”, offer the same huge functionality. They are configurable wireless via this PC software BL-201-FLEX over EnOcean USB stick. You are able to configurate e.g. groups, scenes and adresses comfortable, easy and directly on-side.

  • Wireless communication with BL-201-xx-868 FLEX via EnOcean- USBS  stick
  • DALI configuration (adresses/groups/scenes)
  • Connection to EnOcean switches and sensors
  • Easy user interface
  • Simple understandable configuration instead of complex programming
  • Low cost
  • No further DALI set-up tool necessary

For an easy overview of the range of functions, you find a video on the left. Only available in german so far.