Additional devices from DEUTA Controls on basis of EnOcean wireless technology and / or DALI as lighting control interface allow us to offer scalable system solutions.

From a simple DALI power supply up to an IP-DALI-BRIDGE to connect to DALI lines via Ethernet as standard interface, we can offer you quite interesting solutions in this segment.

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EnoDisc AL-512-00-868 IP-EnOcean-Bridge PoE V1 Slide 1

The EnoDisc is powered by Power Over Ethernet (PoE), and communicates via Ethernet using the EnOcean Serial Protocol 3 (ESP3).

Data from EnOcean sensors are received, data to actors are transmitted by the EnoDisc.

With any device from our series SMART / STYLE / BASE data will be interpreted by our DBA driver according to the configured sensor type (EEP), and can be accessed by MODBUS TCP. For more information, please have a look to the product page.

EnoSign AL-601-00-868 Door sign RGB FLEX V1

The EnoSign is an RGB illuminated door sign. Control is done using wireless EnOcean technology. The integrated controller is supplied by 24V DC. You can easily configure light switches or motion detectors to activate the desired color and brightness.

Electronic scale with EnOcean interface, 5 V DC

The EnoScale is an electronic scale that transmits the measured values wirelessly via EnOcean. The supply takes place via the USB socket with +5 V DC.

A typical application is level monitoring of CO2 gas bottles in beverage makers.

EnOcean adapter for light switches and buttons (1x make contact, n.o.)

  • Allows every switch series to be integrated into the EnOcean world
  • For flush mounting
  • Allows direct connection of a standard light switch or push button
  • Sends a standard switch telegram via EnOcean when the switch / button is pressed
  • Switching between switches / buttons via the service button on the BL-211

EnOcean adapter for motion detectors with 230 V AC switching output, L1 ’

  • Allows the integration of every motion detector with 230V AC switching output into the EnOcean world
  • For flush mounting or installation in surface boxes
  • Direct connection to the 230V AC switching output (L1 ‘)
  • Sends a standard telegram (motion detected) via EnOcean when the motion detector is triggered


AL-511-00 IP-DALI-BRIDGE V1 DEUTA Controls

Control one ore more DALI lines via Ethernet and a control panel, for example with one of our SMART or STYLE devices. The DALI transmit and receive register can easily be accessed by MODBUS TCP. Please take care that a DALI Power supply is needed.


The AL-520-00 DALI POWER SUPPLY is a power supply for one DALI line. It fits perfectly together for example with the AL-511-00 IP-DALI BRIDGE.

DALI input module 4CH DEUTA Controls GmbH

The DALI input module 4CH is supplied by the DALI line. The 4 inputs with a common ground are supplied by the module, and can be conneted to up to 4 potential free closing contacts of light switches.

In combination wit a AL-511-00 IP-DALI-BRIDGE, the status of the 4 input channels is directly mapped to MODBUS TCP registers.

Up to 10 modules / 37 different input signals can be read back in one DALI line (9×4 +1). You can cascade them by the rotary switch of the DALI input module 4CH.